U8_Imaginary situations or events in the present or future

Imaginary situations or events in the present or future


Second Conditional

for unreal possibility
If I won the lottery, I would buy a car.
The second conditional is like the first conditional. We are still thinking about the future. We are thinking about a particular condition in the future, and the result of this condition. But there is not a real possibility that this condition will happen. For example, you donot have a lottery ticket. Is it possible to win? No! No lottery ticket, no win! But maybe you will buy a lottery ticket in the future. So you can think about winning in the future, like a dream. It's not very real, but it's still possible.
Past Simplewould + base verb
Ifwon the lottery,would buy a car.
Notice that we are thinking about a future condition. We use the Past Simple tense to talk about the future condition. We use would + base verb to talk about the future result. The important thing about the second conditional is that there is an unreal possibility that the condition will happen.
Look at these example sentences:
Past Simplewould + base verb
IfI married Mary,I would be happy.
IfRam became rich,she would marry him.
Ifit snowed next July,would you be surprised?
Ifit snowed next July,what would you do?
would + base verbPast Simple
I would be happyifI married Mary.
She would marry Ramifhe became rich.
Would you be surprisedifit snowed next July?
What would you doifit snowed next July?
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