U8:Wishes and imaginary situations or events

Select the verb form that completes the sentence.

  • Select the response from the list that best completes the sentence. 

  • 1. It's raining. You don't like rain.
    2. It's raining. Your friend is leaving without his coat.

    3. It was raining. Your friend caught a cold because he didn't wear his coat. Remind     
        him about the advice you gave. 

    4. You wish to buy a new coat, but you have no money right now.

    5. You weren't at the noon meeting. You had another appointment.
    6. You are angry about a person failing to show up to a meeting.
    7. You want to help prepare some documents for a meeting.  Make a request / wish.
    8. You are at a party. You want to go home. Tell your friend.  Make a direct request/wish.
    9. Your friend wants help with homework. You want to watch a TV movie.  Make an excuse.
    10. At the holiday office party, your boss drank a little too much, sat on the copy machine and 
         photocopied his behind. You missed it!
    11. A few days after the holiday office party, you remember the embarrassing event and what you 
         were thinking at that time. 
    12. You have an office mate who smokes. You express a somewhat angry wish.


      1. weren’t raining
      2. will take or take
      3. would have worn or had worn
      4. could buy
      5. could have been (excuse)
      6. had called / would have called
      7. would like
      8. wish to
      9. could help
    10. had seen / could have seen
    11. had had
    12. would stop (were willing)

    Talking about imaginary situations

    Complete the sentences. Use contractions where possible.
    lived didn't go had rather only 'd buy wouldn't be 'd learned
    1. I wish I(learn) English when I was a child.score
    2. Where would you(rather / be) now?score
    3. If she(have) a boat, she'd sail around the world.score
    4. They'd have more money if they(not / go) out every night.score
    5. He(buy) the jeans if they weren't so expensive.score
    6. You(not / be) late if you got up earlier.score
    7. If we(live) in Switerland, I'd go skiing every day.score
    8. If(I / only / work) harder when I was at school.score

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