U11:Modals for speculation or deduction

What is the name of this movie?

It must be one of the series of criminal minds

Instructions: Read the sentences. Make deductions using "can't", "could" "may" "might" and "must" or an appropriate form of "be". *If necessary, use "be" with any of the modals.

1. Annie goes to school from 9 am to 2 pm. It's 1:30 pm. Where's Annie?
She  be at home. She  be in biology class.
2. Ron likes playing soccer on Saturday mornings. It's Saturday afternoon. What's Ron doing?
He  still be playing soccer, can he? He  be at home by now.
3. Joanna never leaves her house before eating breakfast. Today she's running late. What's she doing?
She  be leaving yet. She  eating breakfast.
4. Pedro only skips work for important events. Today is the final game of the Soccer World Cup. Where's Pedro?
He  be at a bar watching the game. He  be watching the game online, but he  be in the office.
5. Rhonda and Jackie love watching movies. Their favorite movies are comedies, but they don't like animated movies very much. Today, a new 3D animated movie is premiered. What are they doing?
They  be at the premier, they don't like animated movies that much. They  be home watching a comedy.

See the answers below:

Grammar on Modals for speculation or deduction.


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