U1_Adjectives prefixes

Keith: “I think my dad’s a pretty cool guy. He’s incredibly talented and creative. And she has a great sense of humor.We get along really well. He’s fairly easygoing(tolerant or easy to get along with) and laid back(relaxed). And He’s very practical and down to earth (realistic), so he always gives me good advice. Also, he’s completely honest with me. I can trust what he says.” But you know what! He’s pretty disorganized.”

Peter: “really admire my friend Luisa. She’s extremely competitive, but when she wins, she’s not  arrogant like some of other girls. Shes’ so helpful and generous. I mean, She’s always doing things for other people. She’s not selfish at all. And she’s totally reliable.  If she says she’ll help you with something, she does. You can always count on her.  Oh!!! She’s not very outgoing, so some people think she’s unfriendly, but I think she’s basically just a little shy.”  

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