U5: too, too much, too many and enough and enough


Exercises on "Quantifiers"  Level 3
Complete the sentences with enough / not enough or not _____ enough and these words: fast, big, time, hot,  beds and water.  
  • 1. He wants to be a sumo wrestler but he's .
  • 2. I am so busy! I want to sit and watch T.V but I just don't have .
  • 3. He tried to win the race but he came third, he wasn't 
  • 4. This bath is freezing! The water is 
  • 5. You will have to sleep on the floor there are 
  • 6. There is  to make a cup of tea! What is wrong with the pipes?

Check your answers
1. not big enough
2. enough time
3. fast enough
4. not hot enough
5. not enough beds
6. not enough water
Lesson by Sam EC. London English School

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