Project links

Hi everybody,
I would like to congratulate the students who are on track related to “Project Links”. Here is the list of the ones who have been working up to now:

  1. Judith Cañari Salas​=
  2. Poma Llaguento, Elizabeth yomira:
  3. Culquicondor Cordova, Mercedes:
  4. Inga Santos, Claudio:
  5. Sanchez Yauri, Luis Gustavo:
  6. Llanos Valdivia Kelly Allisson
  7. Culquicondor Cordova, Mercedes:
  8. Ramos Correa, Josias Yamir:
  9. Portocarrero Tantavilca, Cristian Manuel:
  10. Gamboa Asurza, Katherine Mirella:​ 
  11. Michael Gianpier, Altamirano Garcia: Poma Llaguento, Elizabeth yomira:
  12. Guerrero Mejia, Dann Pierre:
  13. Cantoral Caso, Emelyn Kiara:
  14. Yassine Boussagui :
  15. Ayhuasi Arotinco, Ruth Milagros :
  16. Gil Ccalluco, Aldo Andre:
  17. Franco Luna, Deysi Paola:
  18. Sierra Oliva, Katia Mercedes:
  19. Villegas Brito, Anlly Mileiny:
  20. Alcantara Pichilingue, Diego: xxxxxxxx
  21. Mena Menendez, Ruben Jesus:
  22.  -Carranza Dominguez, Magaly:
            -Jiménez Mucha, Erick
  23.  Florez Torres, Maria De Fatima:
  24. carlos eduardo meneses castro:http://carlos1894mc.wix.con/proyectip2
  25. Lugo Lopez, Cruzly Loreen:
  26. Huaman Cordova, Dina Alina:
  27. Rolando Bueno La Portilla:
  28. kochi yara angie karina:
  29. Zamora Chivilchez, Stephanie Andrea:
This week, I encourage you to keep up with the tasks. If you have any doubts please contact me in class or after it and it will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

Mrs. López

P.S. Today is the Speech.  

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