U8:Asking about imaginary situations or events

Delemma: a problem that seems incapable of a solution

e.g. I was in a dilemma: 
       Should I continue to work or go back to school?

When you have a dilemma, it means that you have to make a choice that is either difficult, such as deciding which college to go to, or a choice that is unpleasant, such as deciding whether or not to lend something expensive to a friend.

S + WOULD + V(b.f.) + C  +  IF  +  S + V(past) + C

What would you do if you broke a friend’s camera?

• I´d apologize for breaking it.
• I´d pay for the repairs.
• I wouldn’t say anything about it.
Would you pay for a new one?

• Yes, I would. / No I wouldn’t


Monse: My mom wouldn’t give me permission of going out with my boyfriend at night.
Leslie: If I were you, I’d just run away with my boyfriend.

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