Thursday, June 26, 2014


Dear all,

Welcome to your course, English III, offered by Janeth López. 
In this space you will find all your classes that will help you, in many different ways:
  • keep on track
  • learn in meaning context.
  • understand that learning is a process and not a product.
  • collaborate with others
  • keep persistent and persevere in the face of frustration when things are not working well-
  • become fluent with technologies and enable you to open up and express your ideas.
  • be creative.
  • interact with the world around you.
Let me tell you that knowing and understanding English is not difficult at all. The only thing you have to do is to practice and to practice and to practice.

English grammar, on the other hand, is the correct use of English words in sentences. It is the art of using the English Language to express thoughts clearly and effectively. By studying grammar, we learn to connect words so that other people can understand what we say.

"English III or Low Intermediate" will help you understand the most basic concepts of English through a dynamic way where you will have videos and listen to different kinds of English. Now, we do not talk about British or American English, but we talk about international English.

Your participation in the classroom is vital because that way you will learn how to communicate and it is subject to approval the course.

We will be always in contact in the classroom. Remember, when you are in the classroom the most important is to develop your fluency and accuracy.

The work on your project (speech) is vital. This is the way you will show your learning. If you want to pass the course without any difficulties, a part of doing your tasks, the formative assessment (as homework in the Cambridge Learning Mangemet System) because they are compulsory, develop the ability of speaking and communicating using the grammar and vocablary related to the objectives of learning.

Your Professor.


  1. it’s also important to know that proper grammar is still necessary for communication.

    Professional APA Editor

  2. It's very important to study granmar!! So learn ir!!

  3. It's very important to learn granmar!! So study granmar hard!!